Suspended glass canopy over exhaust vents.

Glass canopies on cables.

Glass canopies on cables are the most convenient way to protect and cover glass panels. The system of such roofing consists of stainless steel fittings. These cables directly support the glass panel and protect it from external loads. The number of cables depends primarily on the dimensions and weight of the glass. Tempered, transparent glass is commonly used for such canopies, which can be customized according to the customer’s individual needs (size, shape).

The construction method allows for the installation of such canopies on almost any building.

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Secure canopies on cables

We produce canopies that allow excellent light transmission. Our products stand out for their high functionality, elegance, appearance, and modernity. These canopies are suitable for residential buildings, offices, and various public facilities. Each product is manufactured according to the individual guidelines provided by the customers. We invite you to check out our other available glass canopy options.

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Canopies on tension rods/wires

Glass canopies provide a modern and aesthetic look, enhancing the appearance of a terrace or balcony while protecting it from the elements. With our system, you can choose a canopy in any shape and size, or have it custom-made. If you need a canopy to cover an area larger than 700 m² with tension rods, we recommend using galvanized steel frames with additional support of snow anchors.

For the production of canopies, we use safe, laminated, and tempered glass (such as VSG ESG 66.4 mm or 88.4 mm), and adjustable tension rods made of stainless steel ensure long-lasting durability and an appealing aesthetic.

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