French flush-mounted windows

Complete French window on rotulas is a perfect solution for modern public buildings, office buildings, hotels and residential houses. The French window is a fashionable and elegant protection of the balcony door without losing the external light. They are characterized by high-quality materials used, precision of workmanship and modern design. They are a practical, modern and interesting detail that will be suitable for almost any type of building, be it a single-family house, a block of flats or an apartment building. Our balcony will be perfect both in the living room, bedroom and kitchen, fantastically illuminating every room.


Glass balconies on rotulas

Made entirely of glass, they perfectly emphasize modern arrangements, give the exterior of the building lightness, do not limit access to light and give the impression of luxury.

Rotules are screws screwed into the side of the stairs or into the floor of the terrace or balcony and give a very modern character. They can be easily adapted to any type of construction.

We do not repeat our solutions, we try to make each product original and unique. We have a team of qualified professionals who will create a project and visualizations tailored to your needs and preferences.

This type of balcony

it will allow you to enjoy a wonderful view and unlimited access to daylight. Thanks to such exposure, the room will be brightened and warmed by natural solar energy for a long time. And thanks to this, we will pay lower bills for heating and electricity, and more importantly, we will be able to enjoy morning coffee or lunch in beautiful natural surroundings, catching precious sun rays.

Let us remember that a beautiful and modern glass balcony is also a showcase of our building. It can be a real decoration of every home, office, company and at the same time be a fantastic crowning of the entire facade.


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