Glass balustrade on posts

Glass balustrades on mullions

One popular fixing system is steel post fixing. As with rotulas, different types of such solutions are available. To ensure stability and safety, we use top-quality solutions made from durable materials for mounting. As a manufacturer, we watch over the quality of the work at every stage: from the creation of the design, through the production of the individual components, to installation at the customer’s home. Aesthetic qualities are one thing, but the most important function of a railing is its protective function. Out of concern for the safety of our clients, we use only the highest quality materials. We make them from the highest quality glass, which has all the necessary safety certificates.

Glass balustrade posts - types

Balustrade posts are available in many models. Made from the highest quality AISI 304 stainless steel and AISI 316 acid-resistant steel, they guarantee safety and high quality workmanship. They are available in two shapes: round and square, and in two types of post finish: satin and polished. The posts are very easy to assemble, yet solid and safe. They guarantee the stability of the entire structure. They are practical and universal, fitting into almost all architectural solutions and construction types. We also offer posts for the installation of glass panes with a handrail, which can be made of wood or stainless steel. These are elements that we can easily adapt to the desired style.

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Prefabricated glass balustrades on mullions

These elements are very easy to assemble and at the same time very safe and robust. Easily mounted to the surface of the balcony or its front, they will be a stable and impressive base for a new glass balustrade. This solution guarantees the stability of the entire structure and its durability. The balustrade mounted on posts can be combined with clear, milky or tinted glass.

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Glass balustrade on posts summary

Balustrades on posts This is a simple but very effective way of installing glass panes. Depending on the chosen method, we can increase or decrease the fenced space. If we choose the round version, we can more easily fit the whole into more classic interiors, and if we combine glass with square posts, we will obtain a more modern construction. Also, the possibility of making a railing or resigning from it gives us a lot of possibilities to create a set perfectly adjusted to the customer’s needs. Also check out the glass balustrades on rotes.

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Installation of Balustrades on Poles

Although it might seem that the installation of a balustrade is difficult and can only be done by professionals, contrary to appearances it is not such a demanding task. All you need to do is prepare well for it. Due to the comprehensiveness of the issue, we have detailed installation instructions on our website. Once the order has been placed, our company will send the ready-to-assemble balustrade components to the address provided. At the very beginning, we choose the places where the posts will be placed. They are the load-bearing element of the whole construction. The safety of the railing and its aesthetic appearance will depend on how we install the posts. The next step is to mark the three points where the chemically anchored pins will be placed as a connection to the ground. Then we drill the mounting holes and the hole in the concrete element.

This hole needs to be cleaned and filled with polyester resin. At this stage of assembly, the posts are positioned in the designated places, the nuts are placed on the rods and put through the holes in the mounting discs. At about 20℃, the resin should dry for 45 minutes. After this time, remove the nuts and the post, in order to remove the unnecessary resin from the threads of the rod. After this step, reinstall the post, taking care to position it vertically. Once you are sure that the posts are properly aligned, fix them to the ground using the nuts. This is how the posts are assembled. Please visit our website for detailed instructions.

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