Glass balustrade on spires

Glass balustrades on spigots

Glass balustrades on spigots are ideal for outdoor as well as indoor applications. Spigots are short stainless steel posts used to hold glass. They work well as protection for mezzanines, terraces or balconies. We use toughened and laminated glass for balustrades on spigots. We offer square spigots as well as round spigots. We can mount them from the top and to the side of the balcony or mezzanine.

Glass balustrade on spigots

A complete glass balustrade mounted on balconies, terraces, mezzanines using RAPDACH’s SPIGOT mounting elements is the ideal choice for modern interiors that require stylish solutions. This model will look modern yet minimalist decorating inside or outside the house, staircase, as well as, in public buildings, office buildings and blocks of flats. For those who wish to keep some intimacy on the balcony, we offer milky glass or, on special request, tinted in various colours with a matt film. As a manufacturer, we create constructions to suit the most varied styles and shapes, and when it comes to balustrades, we can do almost anything.

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Types of spigot

By choosing this mounting, we obtain a frameless balustrade, supported on delicate system brackets, and thanks to the glass panes, we obtain an optical enlargement of even a small room. A characteristic feature of this fitting is the installation of glass without having to make holes in it. Vertical posts hold the glass sheet between the panels. Spigot is mounted directly to the substrate using chemical anchors. They are made of stainless steel or acid-resistant steel. This type of fixing works well outdoors thanks to its anti-corrosive properties. There is a choice of round or square spigot in polished or satin finish. Each type of fitting can be painted in any RAL colour to create your own unique all-glass balustrade.

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Glass on spigots

These types of balustrades are extremely striking and designer. They optically enlarge not only the usable space of the balcony, but also the interior in the house. They also allow unrestricted access to sunlight, making the room appear optically larger and more efficient. For the installation of the balustrade, we use toughened and fused glass, which is safe and impact-resistant. It is possible to choose the colour of the glass and the degree of darkening. Our goods have all the necessary Approvals and Certificates required within the EU.

Balustrada na kwadratowych spigotach z porecza drewniana

Balustrade installation with the help of Spigots

The first step when installing a balustrade should be to plan the layout of the entire structure. We mount the brackets to the substrate from above or from the side. We use suitable expansion joints or screws to fix the brackets. There is no need to make special holes in the glass sheet for the holders, as the spigot will hold the glass between the panels. This creates a frameless balustrade effect that visually enlarges and brightens the room. When buying a railing, it is worth bearing in mind the height. According to the regulations, it should not be less than 1.1 m, measured from the floor level to the handrail, with 0.9 m allowed for detached houses. It is important to match it to the space in question and the height of the occupants.

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