Glass facades.


Glass facades Aluminum facades are used to construct glazed facades of public buildings, from banks and hotels to offices, office buildings, car showrooms, sports halls and others. They are also used for spatial constructions and roof glazing, which provide adequate lighting of the interiors of buildings and create a unique atmosphere and comfort for users. Aluminum facades are a perfect tool for shaping modern architecture and implementing bold designers’ visions. The most popular in modern architecture is the aluminum mullion and transom façade, but Rapdach’s façade solutions offer also includes a whole range of products with a diverse structure and external appearance, including a number of individual solutions.

Glass facades

A modern building is not complete without a glass facade.

For some time there has been a large increase in interest in glass facades. It is very common to use this type of system for glazing large areas that allow the construction of all-glass facades of buildings. Glass facades have been admired and appreciated for a long time, which is why modern single-family buildings more and more often report the need for this type of glass facades. Glass systems are chosen primarily because of their modern appearance, functionality and parameters to be achieved. Modern aluminum facades can be designed to meet all the needs of your project. Whether it’s a hotel, bank or single-family home, we’ll help you find the perfect solution for your design needs.

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The use of glass facades

Our glass facades and aluminum facades are not only modern solutions for walls and facades of buildings. They are also used to illuminate the space. Thanks to such applications, we can create bright rooms in the workplace. Another application of glass facades are winter gardens. A place where you can spend time on cold days or create a space for employees to relax.

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