Slatted glass balustrade

Glass balustrade on slats

Designed for installation on balconies, terraces and staircases. There are no posts or additional fixings in this type of construction, which gives it a designer look. Rail balustrades are usually chosen for modern interiors and buildings. In addition, aluminium has very good anti-corrosion properties. As a result, high-quality stainless steel balustrades made from it require virtually no maintenance and are extremely durable. We use toughened glass in them, which is resistant to all scratches and nicks – in various colour variations: clear, milky, tinted.

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Self-supporting glass balustrade

Designers and architects are increasingly using self-supporting glass balustrades in their projects. They ensure full use of natural sunlight, no shading and a unique connection between the living area and the landscape. The lightness and transparency offered by glass allows the balcony, terrace or staircase safety elements to be perfectly integrated into the overall design. In addition, the modern character of such a solution means that hitherto unattractive architectural elements can become a unique decoration for any home. The precision of workmanship and high quality material make RAPDACH balustrades extremely durable and resistant. Each of our realisations is safe and meets all basic safety guidelines.

Glass balustrade on slats - on the terrace

The terrace is a place where we like to spend time, so a balustrade made of safety glass is the ideal element to protect the entire space. With this solution, tempered glass panes are mounted in a specially designed strip. This is one of the most impressive ways of installing a clear balustrade. Depending on the chosen technique, the glass sheet in the slat can be mounted so that the aluminium part is visible, providing the basis for the entire structure, or it can be mounted in a slat hidden in the floor, which gives the effect of the glass emerging directly from the floor. The all-glass balustrade does not restrict visibility, making the terrace seem endless. Thanks to its resistance to weather conditions and virtually no maintenance required, glass is also becoming extremely popular as a material for terrace balustrades.

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Self-supporting glass balustrades

These types of balustrades are successfully installed in private homes, but also in hotels, office buildings or multi-family buildings. The neutrality of glass makes it a material favoured by architects, developers and private investors. Toughened glass is a fully safe material offering ever new architectural and design possibilities, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Let us remember that a beautiful balustrade is the showpiece of our interiors and can be a real ornament of any building, while at the same time being a fantastic crowning touch to the entire interior design.

Slatted Balustrade Installation

The all-glass balustrade is mounted in profiles. These are rails into which the glass panes are inserted. The substrate in which the aluminium profiles are fixed can be varied: concrete, steel or wood, for example. Thanks to the durability of the material, self-supporting balustrades can be installed indoors and outdoors and can be painted in any colour the customer chooses from a wide range of RAL colours. Using pins or screws, the profiles are fixed to the substrate and then the glass sheet is inserted. The final step is to position the glass and fit special seals.


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