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They are made of safety glass, tempered and laminated esg/vsg in a color tailored to the customer. French balconies are fashionable and elegant protection of balcony doors without losing the outside light. They are characterized by high-quality materials used, precision of workmanship and modern design. They are a practical, modern and interesting detail that will work in almost any type of building. Our balcony will be perfect in the living room, bedroom or kitchen, fantastically illuminating every room. This type of balcony will allow you to enjoy a wonderful view and unlimited access to daylight. Thanks to such exposure, the room will be brightened and warmed by natural solar energy for a long time.

French balconies are divided into three groups:

French Balcony - Wallet

Usually, the French balustrade is mounted in the wall with anchors. This, in turn, involves interference with the façade and the thermal insulation layer of the building. If this is done incorrectly, so-called thermal bridges may appear through which heat will escape from the room. Incorrect assembly may also lead to faster wear of window frames, handles and fastening elements.

Which in turn can damage the window. In this case, however, the assembly takes place before laying the insulation and facade. Thanks to this, the thermal insulation value will not be reduced. However, to avoid possible mistakes, it is worth trusting experienced professionals. Our specialists will ensure that the installation of the glass balustrade is adapted to the type of window, but also to the structure of the wall and the material it is made of. It is important to fasten properly, as well as the selection of appropriate fasteners (screw-in fasteners for weaker materials, hammer-in fasteners for weaker materials), on which the glass pane will be held. They should be protected against corrosion – galvanized or painted

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If we care about simplicity and the greatest possible access to daylight, a fully transparent balustrade will be a good choice. The transparent glass pane will be completely neutral to the façade, practically invisible from the outside. It will not distract the eye from architectural details, it will just blend discreetly into the background. However, if we would like to maintain a bit of privacy, we can opt for frosted glass, which will provide us with the comfort of being invisible from the outside, and at the same time will not darken the room and will not block the access of the sun. The balustrade will then be an interesting detail that will decorate the building. We can also opt for stained glass in any color. This solution will work if we care about originality, we want to diversify the appearance of the facade, give the building a modern character.

Kolejną ważną sprawą, na którą należy zwrócić uwagę, decydując się na szklany balkon francuski, to jakość materiałów, z którego jest wykonany. Szkło używane przez nas jest hartowane, laminowane i dodatkowo klejone, a co za tym idzie, bardzo wytrzymałe na wszelkiego rodzaju naciski i uderzenia. Jest w stanie wytrzymać napór nawet bardzo dużego obciążenia, czy działania na niego różnego rodzaju sił. Nawet w przypadku stłuczenia nie rozpada się na drobne, ostre i niebezpieczne kawałki, które mogłyby poranić osoby znajdujące się w pobliżu. Tego typu szkło jest używane na przykład w pojazdach, a także w budynkach użyteczności publicznej.


Simply put, a French window is a tall window (usually reaching from the ceiling to the floor) and a balcony railing. It’s like a balcony door, except there’s no balcony slab to stand on behind the balcony door. That is why the railing protecting against falling, mounted on the side of the building facade, is so important. Wallet is an attractive architectural detail that gives a wide range of arrangement possibilities. It will beautifully open the view for us, and will also decorate the entire apartment, building and its facade. It is most often in a simple form (metal railings or a glass pane), thanks to which it harmonizes with simple, classic shapes. It fits perfectly in buildings with modernist architecture, as well as in modern, industrial projects. The French balcony allows you to optically change the proportions of the entire building. Its slender form can be used if we want to make the building seem taller.

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