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Off Grid photovoltaic installation.

When deciding to build a house, many people think about the possibilities offered by modern technologies. It turns out that from year to year, newer solutions are entering the market, thanks to which you can make your life easier. One of them is the increasingly popular photovoltaic installation, thanks to which you gain free energy from the sun. On the market you can find Off Grid and On Grid photovoltaic kits. Depending on the possibilities of the place where you intend to build, you should choose the right model. Both types of installations are based on the absorption of energy from the sun, which is then converted into electricity that will power your home thanks to the inverter. The energy generated in the panels generates direct current, which is then converted into alternating current necessary to power all devices in the inverter. A much cheaper option will be to create an On Grid installation, which must be connected to the power grid. In places far away from urban centers, it is worth betting on an Off Grid photovoltaic system that stores electricity in special batteries. During inclement weather, these batteries release the electricity necessary for everyday use. Unfortunately, you have to take into account that the cost of creating an installation is quite high, and the Off Grid photovoltaic set should be equipped with high-quality batteries. Thanks to the fact that the batteries can store a large amount of electricity generated from solar radiation, you can use it on days when the sun is not efficient enough to power all devices for everyday work.

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The principle of operation of an Off Grid photovoltaic installation

is very similar to the operating principle of an On Grid photovoltaic installation. The difference between them is only that in the case of On Grid, the photovoltaic system is connected to the power grid of the nearest energy supplier in the area. However, in the case of the Off Grid photovoltaic set, the energy is stored in batteries. Solar radiation that reaches the PV panels in the Off Grid installation is converted into direct current. Then, thanks to the Off Grid Island Inverter, this electricity is converted into alternating current that can be used at home.

Advantages of using Off Grid photovoltaic installations.
The main advantage of using an Off Grid photovoltaic installation is its efficiency, while the price for such an installation is slightly higher than in the case of an On Grid installation. Off Grid installation is the best solution in places where it is not possible to connect the house to the power grid of the nearest electricity supplier.
Photovoltaic installation is an increasingly popular way to obtain energy from renewable energy sources, and its efficiency reaches up to 25 years.
Another advantage worth noting is that a person who has an Off Grid installation is independent of the energy operator. When there is no electricity in the entire area, the Off Grid photovoltaic installation will continue to provide electricity to power the necessary devices.
This installation model will be an ideal idea for emergency power supply in a given place where electricity is necessary for the proper functioning of a given cell.
Finally, it should be noted that when the power grid fails, the On Grid installation stops supplying electricity to the building. By choosing an Off Grid photovoltaic installation, you can be sure that even during a power grid failure, the operation of the photovoltaic installation will continue to bring benefits to the recipient.

Electricity storage with Off Grid installation.
When deciding on an Off Grid photovoltaic system, you must equip the entire photovoltaic set with special battery packs. They are the so-called receiver of electricity, which at the selected moment is transferred to electrical devices in your home. All batteries that are used for Off Grid photovoltaic installations work on the same principle. They are fully charged first. Then they are discharged, but not completely. A few percent of energy remains in the batteries for the proper operation of the system. The whole process loops every time you use electricity for different devices. These batteries have their efficiency, but after a few years you should consider replacing them due to their worse performance.
Off Grid installation is most often chosen for places where it is not possible to supply electricity from the energy supplier. Most often it can be found in summer houses, as well as on yachts, but it also happens that you can meet them in single-family houses. However, when deciding on this model of installation, you should consult with experienced people in this field beforehand. Qualified consultants will help you choose the right battery with a capacity that meets your expectations. They will tell you which photovoltaic panels to choose for Off Grid installations to make them efficient and bring the most benefits. Despite the fact that the price of an Off Grid photovoltaic installation is quite high, it will only bring profits to the people who use it.

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