The glass floor is often used in a variety of places, including shops and restaurants. Glass floors are also a perfect solution for exhibition halls and showrooms, as well as other public places. If you want your home to have character, glass floors can provide that. Multilayer safety glass is a material that we use to build glass floors. This type of glass protects us from impacts, falling objects, fire and noise. The construction of the glass floor depends primarily on the place of use, the method of support, as well as the shape and proportions between the length and width of the sides of the glass pane.


Installation of glass floors

It consists of mounting three panes of multi-layer and laminated glass. The panes are separated by a durable PVB foil. Thanks to it, the structure is durable and in the event of damage, the glass will stay in place. For glass floors, we choose tempered or semi-tempered glass, depending on the location of the floor. Because the strength of the glass depends on whether the floor is a load-bearing floor on the first floor or a floor in a one-story house. Taking into account the proportions of the glass and the method of supporting the floor, we select the thickness of the glass. It has been assumed that the pressure on the panels should not exceed 500 kg. We grind and polish each glass pane to remove notches, which reduces the risk of damaging the floor during use. The top surface is hardened, available in a matte or glossy finish. We can also use colored glass, which will add originality to the whole project. When installing such a floor, it is possible to install LED backlighting.

The entire project is supervised by an engineer with special qualifications. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer and contact our employees for a valuation.

What kind of rooms is the glass floor suitable for?

When it comes to properties such as a hotel, bank or office, a glass floor will look good anywhere. In residential interiors, it will work well in a bedroom, hall or living room. It will bring more light into the room and give it character. Commercial facilities are also increasingly choosing glass floors for their interiors. A good example are shopping malls that use this type of floor to raise prestige and attract customers. Adjusting the glass floor to the room is not a difficult task if it is done by an experienced person. In our company, you can use the help of qualified people and choose the type of glass that will suit your tastes.

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