Delivery and assembly of railings in Rapdach

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Railings, balustrade elements, sliding doors, glass canopies or French windows purchased from us will be delivered to the address indicated by you. Quickly, safely and as comfortably and cheaply as possible.

As we try to approach each client individually, we do not have a fixed price list for this service. Each order is different, so the delivery costs also change.


It all depends on the size of the load (e.g. the length of the pipes we transport), the weight of the goods, the volume of the transported products, as well as the length of the route we have to cover. Taking into account all these parameters, we can specify the delivery costs in detail (usually they range from PLN 300 to PLN 500). We know and understand that no one likes to be surprised by unforeseen expenses (we don’t like it ourselves), which is why we make the valuation of the transport of the order at the very beginning of our cooperation. If we transport glass elements, we always add PLN 150 for a pallet-stand, which ensures that the goods will reach the customer undamaged and intact.

Installation of railings
The RAPDACH company offers not only transport, but also the possibility of assembling the purchased products on site at the customer’s home or company. It is worth relying on us and trusting us in this respect, because we employ experienced professionals who know the secrets of this industry perfectly. If you decide to use assistance in assembly, we will also determine the costs individually, depending on the order.

Before placing an order or for questions about our offer – contact our employee using the ONLINE chat in our store or call directly on the phone number.
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