Glass Balustrades on Rotulas

Balustrades on the rotors

All-glass balustrades mounted on rotuli are a modern solution suitable for tempered and fused glass balustrades. Rotulas are screws that are screwed into the side of the staircase or into the floor of the terrace or balcony. They give a very modern character and can easily be adapted to any type of construction. This type of balustrade is most often installed in modern, minimalist interiors. Rotules usually have a round cross-section, although square or rectangular versions are also available. Stainless steel rotors are available as standard, with the option of powder coating in any RAL colour. Point brackets usually have a diameter of 30 to 60 mm, and are usually mounted to the side of the staircase using suitably sized chemical anchors.

Glass balustrade on rotes

The location of the fixings is selected individually in each case, depending on the size and thickness of the glass in the railing and the type of substrate to which the whole structure will be mounted. Depending on whether the railing has a handrail or not, the appropriate rotors are selected so that the whole is stable and safe for users. Such all-glass protections for stairs, balconies or mezzanines are very popular due to their advantages. The first of these may be the ease of keeping it clean. The properties of glass make the balustrade scratch-resistant, and dirt can be removed with a damp cloth and a suitable preparation. Our spray, which not only cleans but also preserves the glass, is ideal for this. Another big advantage is the optical enlargement of the room and the transmission of sunlight through the glass. Another advantage is the high weather resistance. Regardless of the weather, your glass balustrades will always look good.

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The rotor distance can be two-part. Adjustable by twisting or untwisting the two elements, it can vary in width from 35 to 50 mm, for example. This system makes it easier to install the balustrade on uneven surfaces. Adjustment makes it possible to compensate in a certain sense for unevenness on the stairs and minor unevenness of the glass created during toughening. Such a system allows the top edges of our glass to be perfectly aligned with each other. The spacer can also be one-piece – non-adjustable. It has no adjustment, so the distance between the glass and the ground cannot be altered.

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Glass barrier on rotors

Rotula glass balustrades can be installed both indoors and outdoors. They are perfect as a modern solution to protect balconies and terraces in multi-apartment construction and in modern public buildings. They can be adapted to any type of stairs, and the use of different mounting patterns and different colors of glass gives us a lot of possibilities to create a railing perfectly suited to the interior. With railings in which fixing is limited to a minimum, it is easy to expose the beauty of the stairs and the whole room. In external facades, this solution allows not to introduce another color and texture to the entire composition. Because the glass is neutral and fits perfectly with various materials, we can match it to virtually any texture and color palette.

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Glass on rotors

Stable and durable glass is essential when it comes to this type of railing. An all-glass balustrade should be made of tempered and fused glass, which will make the whole structure safe. It is worth knowing that toughened glass shatters into blunt small pieces when broken, while fused glass breaks when damaged, but fragments remain on the film. It is also important to pay attention to the thickness of the glass. It should be matched to the height, width and type of balustrade. The last element is the handrail, which adds stability to the whole structure. It is not necessary, but it is worth remembering. Our company offers both clear and tinted glass, so every customer can find the right balustrade for themselves. If you are interested in other types of balustrades, we invite you to check out our range of slatted glass and stainless steel balustrades.

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