Garage Doors

Garage Doors

Our garage doors are characterized by a unique combination of aesthetics, durability and functionality. We focus on practical solutions that ensure maximum comfort and safety of use. We adapt the gates to the individual needs of the customer. Our gates are perfect for residential buildings, detached garages or utility rooms.

Garage Doors - Method of Assembly

When buying a garage door, at some point the question arises whether you will undertake the installation yourself or have it installed by a professional. As a rule, professional installation of garage doors by a certified specialist partner is recommended. Only in this way can you be sure that all important functions, from opening and closing the gate to programming the gate operator, work properly and, above all, safely. The installation of the garage door is carried out by a professional in 4 steps. Check how easy and convenient it is to install a garage door.

After selecting your new garage door, your specialist will measure directly on site. This will ensure that the garage door will fit the opening and function properly after installation.
Disassembly and disposal of the old garage door
The old gate should be dismantled together with all its elements before installing the new one. Our workers can remove the old gate. You don’t need to provide any tools for this as our team will bring the necessary tools with them. Disposing of an old garage door is complicated because it often takes up a lot of space and the material must be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. When you have your garage door replaced by a professional, you don’t have to worry about anything, because the garage door can simply be taken away and disposed of after removal.
Professional and safe garage door installation
After removing the old door, a new garage door is installed. For this, all the necessary brackets are first mounted on the garage, and then the elements of the new gate are assembled and installed.
After installing the individual elements, our team will take care of the smooth movement of the gate in the guides. It also configures accessories such as handheld transmitters or smart home apps and programs them according to your wishes. After check-in and handover, you can use your new garage door with all its features.

Which gate to choose?

When buying a garage door, it is worth answering the question – what are my needs and expectations regarding the door. Therefore, the following should be considered:

The size of the garage – this is a very important issue that may affect which door you choose:
Walls and ceiling – some of the gates run along the wall or on the ceiling. Therefore, when choosing one of these gates, there must be no elements on the walls or ceiling that would prevent the assembly of the gate guide. Garage length – the minimum value depends on various factors such as the height of the gate, the guide rail or the type of drive. This is especially important in the case of automatic doors that open along the ceiling – here the minimum depth depends on the height of the opening to be covered, there is no single fixed value. Thermal insulation – More and more often it happens that the garage is adjacent to the residential building. Therefore, when choosing gates, it is worth choosing those made of solid material that allows you to obtain a low heat transfer coefficient. Appearance – the gate should be functional, but it can be combined with an aesthetic appearance. Nowadays, more and more people give the facade of both the house and the garage a minimalist finish. That is why it is worth choosing a gate that can be made of any material and color or match the external roller shutters installed in the house. Our employees will help you choose the perfect door for your garage.

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