I’m sure you’ve noticed that the sound from outside can sometimes be a bit distracting. Whether it’s the sound of lawnmowers on your street or traffic from nearby roads, you may feel like there’s no escape from city noise.
But now you don’t have to worry about that! With SYNEGO systems, you can soundproof such noises and turn your home into an oasis of calm. Not only do they reduce sound penetration through windows, they also help reduce noise through doors and walls!
Studies have shown that regular traffic noise pollution leads to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. So when you’re trying to relax or read a book, those outside sounds can really get in the way!
SYNEGO windows dampen outside noises, so you can be comfortable no matter how noisy your surroundings are.

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Thanks to SYNEGO windows and appropriately selected and applied protective measures, your home will have up to 22 times lower noise levels

Protect your home from intruders

As many as 80% of all burglaries occur through easily accessible windows and doors. In more than a third of cases, burglaries end thanks to improved security technologies such as SYNEGO systems – which prevent burglars from breaking into a home when they try.

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Up to 10 times greater burglary protection

Compared to windows without security features

Child's Play Cleaning Thanks to the HDF Formula

When it comes to window cleaning, HDF is the best there is! Our patented formula will make your windows shine like new every day. All thanks to an advanced formula that fixes the surface and provides an exceptional shine. Not only will your windows stay clean longer, they will also clean much better than ever before.

The secret of HDF lies in the special formula and improved production method, which was developed during intensive research by our experienced engineers. The surface of the window is perceptibly smoother and impresses with a unique shine.

Design your windows - according to your taste

With SYNEGO, you can create any shape of window.

A window does not always have to be rectangular. SYNEGO gives you the opportunity to design a triangular, rounded or oval window, total freedom. Stylistic elements, tiers or creative window divisions provide additional accents. Whether for new construction or renovation, SYNEGO windows are the ideal choice.


Advantages of owning SYNEGO windows

Benefits of SYNEGO windows:

  • Energy savings thanks to their high thermal insulation,
  • Silence, thanks to the best sound insulation,
  • They provide a sense of security with individual anti-burglary solutions,
  • Possibility to create windows in different shapes and colours,
  • Sparkling windows thanks to the unique HGF formula.
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Up to 50% better
thermal insulation

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As much as 1 000 000 kg CO2 less per year

Sliding windows SYNEGO SLIDE

New sliding solution – SYNEGO SLIDE

The new track-and-slide system is easy to operate and maintain thanks to its simple mechanism: the sash slides along the track without any visible hardware. This ensures high tightness thanks to the sealing around the entire perimeter. There is a wide range of KALEIDO COLOR colours and surface structures to choose from – including the veneering of the door profile rebate – allowing you to create your own unique look. The mid-range price segment with significant added value compared to PSK doors makes this product ideal for both residential and commercial applications!

New opening and closing mechanism – Gentle self-closing after turning the handle ensures high operating comfort and prevents incorrect operation by users


Uniform, high-end design

KALEIDO Color - fully veneered rebate surface and/or aluminium caps


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