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Terrace buildings / Summer Gardens

If you want to add a terrace or a winter garden to your house, the company RAPDACH is an excellent choice. Such an investment will enhance the utility and aesthetic values ​​of your building, and at the same time will allow for full protection against adverse weather conditions. The use of roof and wall glazing in the sliding system makes the laminated and tempered glass used in our constructions durable and fully safe, and the aluminum structure itself is solid and resistant to damage. The terrace with the buildings perfectly integrates the building with its natural surroundings, serving as a place for rest or recreation in public buildings, as well as potentially functioning as a cafe or restaurant garden. Our products are a perfect solution to enlarge your home relaxation zone and fully enjoy the natural surroundings in the open air.

Polycarbonate construction

If you are looking for a way to protect the terrace from the sun, a polycarbonate enclosure is a great solution. It is light and transparent, and at the same time very durable. We can choose from a wide range of board colors and cover them with a suitable emulsion to create a structure that will protect our terrace from excessive sunlight. This solution can be safely mounted both on the walls and on the roofs of the structure. Check also our other offer of terrace roofing.

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Glass Terrace Building

Glass constructions are extremely popular and for good reason. They not only add a sense of prestige and value to our property, but also improve the design of our garden. They are perfect for both slightly older buildings and completely modernist projects. In such a structure, we can confidently grow demanding plants. Thanks to constant access to sunlight, our plants only need to be watered to fully enjoy the harvest. Unfortunately, such a structure is not as easy to assemble as a polycarbonate structure. The glass panes must be of the appropriate thickness so that our entire housing is stable and fully safe, in addition, the glass must be resistant to damage. In addition, such a structure is much heavier than that of polycarbonate, which is why the frame must be more durable. Our constructions also give the possibility of combining glass with polycarbonate.

Are glass terrace enclosures safe?

The modern construction of the glass terrace looks very elegant, fits into any shape of the house, is universal and timeless. It creates an integral space with the surroundings, it is perfect as protection against wind and rain. Undoubtedly, it is an investment for years. What’s more, such buildings also look great in restaurant gardens and cafes! For the construction of the glass terrace, we use safe tempered glass with a thickness of 8, 10 and 12 mm. Glass is quite a heavy material, so it requires a massive and very strong structure, it is worth remembering. Do not fix the glass yourself! It will be safer to entrust this activity to qualified people, they will perfectly match the structure to your requirements.


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