Black Galvanised Steel Balustrades

Black steel, what is it?

Black steel, or metallurgical steel, is an alternative to stainless steel. It is cheaper, but it is also more susceptible to adverse environmental conditions, such as moisture. If left unprotected, it can corrode. It is fragile, which is why it is mainly dedicated to interiors. To protect the steel elements from rust, black steel balustrade is powder-coated to make it durable and long-lasting. Powder coating is indispensable if you choose a black steel balustrade and want to enjoy it for a long time. The paint coating obtained during the painting process protects the steel balustrade and makes it resistant to corrosion, chemicals or mechanical damage.

Black steel balustrades

Our black powder-coated steel balustrades for stairs are the ideal solution for those who combine pragmatism with attention to aesthetics and detail. You do not have to choose between the peace and comfort of feeling safe in your home and the desire to surround yourself with beautiful objects and live in a nice interior. By opting for a black powder-coated balustrade, you get all of this in a package. Our balustrade provides stability to the structure, making it fully secure. The post mounting is very versatile. It allows you to fit the balustrade both to the stairs and to mount it on a flat surface.

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Black steel openwork balustrades

Our company manufactures railings in black steel, among other materials. We are able to make railings in any shape the customer wishes. Thanks to the fact that we make all the elements of the construction ourselves, we have the possibility to achieve any shape by bending and welding appropriate elements. Our leading product is the PICASSO balustrade, which is handmade. Black steel differs from stainless steel in that it needs additional protection from corrosion, which makes it worthwhile to have it galvanised, especially if it is to protect our outdoor facilities.


Black steel railings

The quality of the workmanship and the original design, as well as the wide range of colours, means that a black powder-coated balustrade will be the thing that catches the eye of our visitors. We can opt for muted colours, more classic, or go wild with colour. Depending on the finish we choose, the balustrade will give the interior a whole new character. It is ideal for modern and original interiors. In combination with a wooden staircase, it will make a classic room more elegant and modern. Our team of professionals works to create a design tailored to the tastes and preferences of the most demanding customers.

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