Stainless steel balustrades

Balustrades with horizontal infill

Balustrades with vertical infill (vertical)

Glass-filled balustrades (glass)

Balustrades with steel cable infill (rope)

Galvanised black steel balustrades

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Stainless steel balustrade

If you are looking for railings that will last for years, it is worth opting for stainless steel railings. INOX railings can be installed inside and outside a building. The name itself indicates that they are resistant to corrosion, and thanks to their high chromium content they are very durable. Appropriate production technologies ensure that the steel maintains its original appearance over the years. Steel balustrades can be powder-coated, and we can choose its texture or shape. Such protection of stairs, balconies or mezzanine floors can be easily installed by yourself, based on the instructions we provide on our website. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the steel and glass railings offered by our company.

Types of steel railings

We offer balustrades which, based on the type of filling, are divided into:

-Balustrades with vertical filling – the most popular, in which between the posts there are vertically placed rungs at a suitable distance from each other, often used in houses where there are children, because they prevent climbing on them.

-Horizontal filled railings – there are horizontally placed rungs between the posts, this optically widens the railing in question and makes it appear lower than it really is.

-Glass-filled balustrades – between the posts are appropriately selected sheets of toughened glass in the chosen colour. This is most often chosen in modern designs.

-Balustrades with steel cable infill – there are steel cables between the posts. A type of balustrade often found in seaside towns.

The types of steel used in our designs are AISI 304 – standard stainless steel or AISI 316 – stainless steel, acid resistant. Each customer can choose between a round or square post and can select the finish:

-Sanding (satin),
-Polishing (polish).

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An INOX stainless steel balustrade is first and foremost something to ensure the safety of all household members. A balcony, terrace or staircase finished with a steel balustrade will ensure safety. That’s why it’s so important that the construction is robust and durable, made of good quality materials that won’t be damaged by bad weather, pressure or mechanical damage. And that’s exactly what balustrades from Rapdach are. And our experience in the industry will be your guarantee of the highest quality and confidence that your order will be carried out with the utmost care. Our balustrades are made from the highest quality stainless steel. It is worth remembering to maintain our balustrade so that it serves us for as long as possible. In our shop you will find the appropriate preparations for the maintenance of steel, and in the blog you will read how to professionally care for inox railings.


Balcony railings are a very important finishing touch. A house with a properly chosen balcony finish takes on a full expression. By choosing a matching design and material, we can make the balcony railings in our house not only protective, but also decorative. Properly selected and made of top-class materials, they will not only be pretty, but also functional, durable and safe. Stainless steel is characterised by high resistance to weather conditions, durability and lack of frequent maintenance. As a result, INOX balustrades are also very often used on the outside of houses, office buildings and public buildings.



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