As a rule, carports are made of wood, steel or aluminum, but there are also plastic versions. The most common are constructions with flat roofs standing on four pillars or (in the case of leaning against a wall) supported on two, and the free roof surfaces are also increasingly used for solar systems that supply energy to the internal system. The advantage of the carport over the garage is the architectural effect, which, thanks to the open structure, gives the entire building lightness and elegance, and also illuminates the neighboring buildings, is easy to assemble and significantly lower construction costs. Unlike the garage, the carport is open on at least one side. This allows harmful exhaust gases and carcinogenic particles to escape more quickly and easily.

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Garage carports – need to report?

If you are planning to build a shed not larger than 50m², on a plot where a residential building is located, you do not need a permit according to the law. It is worth remembering that the total number of carports cannot exceed two per 1000m² of the plot. In order to build such a shed, we must also comply with a number of regulations. We must remember that parking spaces must be located at a distance of not less than 3 m from the plot border and at least 7 m from the windows of the neighboring building. The construction law does not impose what material the shelter should be made of. However, if our carport exceeds 50m² or if there are already such constructions on the plot, according to the law, we must first notify the construction.

Aluminum carports

The most popular materials for a carport is aluminum. This material needs little maintenance and is extremely light and stable. Carports made of aluminum are resistant to corrosion and various weather conditions. The flat roof is probably the most commonly used for this type of carport, due to its simple construction and relatively low price. However, contrary to the name flat roof, it is not completely flat. To avoid water accumulation and prevent moisture damage, the flat roof is sloped. An interesting solution is to install photovoltaic panels on the roof of the structure and create your own small backyard power plant. You can also add other options to the carport, such as LED lighting or screens. If you want to protect your car or gardening equipment from the weather conditions, a carport is perfect for this purpose.

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Why is it worth choosing a carport?

First, it extends the life of your car. The shelter protects against rain, snow or hail. As a result, you not only need to clean your car less often, but it also protects the paintwork better. Another advantage is the price. Compared to a garage, the purchase of an aluminum carport is an economical solution. The construction of the carport requires less materials, is faster and easier to assemble, and its maintenance is not demanding. Aluminum does not rust and is a very durable material that does not require maintenance. Even in heavy storms or snow, your aluminum carport will stay in good condition. The big advantage of such canopies is the appearance and the possibility of configuration. More and more often, garage sheds also serve as design elements. Thanks to powder coating, we can paint our shelter in any color from the RAL palette and adapt it to the appearance of the house. The Carport is ideal not only to protect your car. It is also a solution for caravans, mobile homes, motorcycles, bicycles or lawn mowers.

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The curved roof carport made of aluminum protects the cars from bad weather conditions. A special feature is the roof, which is waterproof, perfectly drains water and protects against elements that make cleaning difficult. On the one hand, it is supported on the facade of the building, and on the other, it rests on two pillars. The aluminum carport with a curved roof can be adapted to the rest of the house, because each of our projects is made to order. We can create single, double or oversized structures. Aluminum carports will be perfect for a garage, a terrace roof, a place to keep garden equipment or bicycles.

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