Glass canopies on supports.


Glass canopy requirements

The entrance to a building with a height greater than two above-ground storeys must be protected by a canopy or protective overhang that is at least 1 meter wider than the door width and has a projection or depth of no less than 1 meter for low-rise buildings and 1.5 meters for high-rise buildings. This requirement does not apply to buildings within correctional facilities, detention centers, and shelters for minors.

The canopy should have a structure capable of supporting any potential loads.

Safe glass canopy on supports:

The best way to add a touch of elegance to your property is by installing a glass canopy. We understand the importance of having a functional and modern solution that complements the contemporary design of building facades. That’s why we offer the highest quality, fastest turnaround times, and competitive prices for glass canopies.

Our canopies are made from safety glass and supported by stainless steel elements. They provide a versatile solution that suits any building project. We invite you to collaborate with us and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property.

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Glass canopies on supports

Canopies serve the purpose of providing shelter for entrances and exits of buildings, as well as other locations.

We offer a wide range of fittings for installing glass canopies in various configurations. Our minimalist design perfectly complements modern architecture.

The choice of appropriate mounting depends on the size of the glass panels and your specific application on the building.

Our fittings allow for adjustable tilt of the canopy both away from and towards the façade, enhancing its functionality and allowing for customization according to the design requirements.

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