Industrial Stairs

Rapdach industrial stairs

Our aluminum stairs are exceptionally light and at the same time extremely durable. The stairs are entirely made of aluminum. The entire structure is subjected to a galvanizing process. We will adjust the stairs to the individual needs of the customer. Our company uses special profiles, thanks to which the stairs perfectly fit into any building. Our stairs meet all applicable standards and will ideally serve as escape stairs or facilitate access to heights.

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Easy assembly

The stairs are made of light and durable profiles, thanks to which their assembly on site is extremely easy and quick. All welds in the structure are precisely ground, as a result of which they are practically invisible.

Advantages of metal stairs

Metal is used for external stairs and, thanks to its structural properties, has a significant advantage over concrete or wooden stairs.


  • Such stairs do not require maintenance;
  • Stairs do not oxidize – anodizing protects the material even in very difficult weather conditions;
  • Possibility of adjusting the structure to individual customer needs;
  • Easy and quick assembly
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