Minimalist Design and Versatile Use

The design concept is based on simple and clear contours. The number of types of glazing bead gives many design possibilities, and the low height of the frame and sash increases access to daylight. Gealan-Linear is a complete system that is used for the construction of entrance and balcony doors and windows. We can use it in buildings undergoing renovation as well as in new buildings. It has a universal rebate in the sash, which allows the use of classic blocking, STV static dry bonding and wet bonding.


Elegance and timeless style with GEALAN-LINEAR



  • sthe system is suitable for windows, front doors and balcony doors
  • simple contours on the outside and inside of the window
  • high stability due to optimised steel reinforcements
  • can be used in new buildings and renovated buildings
  • wide selection of smooth and matt veneers
  • can be finished with exclusive RealWood woodgrain foils
  • Conservation of natural resources – profile core made of recycled material
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colours (veneers and lacquers)

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Up to 50% better thermal insulation

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As much as 1 000 000 kg less CO2 per year


Thanks to the 74mm installation depth, we can use our windows in various construction projects, including in the area of renovation. Additional advantages of GEALAN-LINEAR windows are their high stability and thermal insulation. Very good thermal insulation is provided by the GEALAN-LINEAR with an installation depth of 74mm. The 6 chambers in the frame and 5 chambers in the sash have a positive effect on the thermal insulation, and the design of the third, central seal provides an effective blockade against heat flow. The IFT Rosenheim Institute has tested all thermal parameters.


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