The RAPDACH company was established in 2019 and has been dynamically developing its business since then. We are a manufacturer of external and internal balustrades, winter gardens, glass canopies, loft doors, pergolas, glass walls, terrace roofing and elements for balustrades. Each of our projects is a response to customer needs. The most important thing for us is safety, but we do not forget about functionality and appearance.


Our staff are young people with experience but also with an open mind full of ideas. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible support in finding your new dream railing, glass garden, terrace roof or other product that our company offers. On the one hand, using the latest technologies in design and production, and on the other hand, providing personal advice.

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Our priorities and goals

At RAPDACH, we believe that the right interiors can have a decisive impact on your relaxation.

That’s why we offer only the best products – high quality, beautiful and timeless – to help you create an environment that is both modern and comfortable. We believe that your home should be a place where you can relax and enjoy, so we focus on combining elegance and style with modernity in a way that will last for years.

Our goal is to help you make your vision of a home a reality, so whether you’re looking for stylish glass railings, elegant glass stairs or patio covers, we’ve got what you need!


At the beginning, it is worth thinking carefully about what our balcony or terrace should look like. The place for afternoon rest and outdoor play for children should be safe, functional and easy to maintain. It should also be consistent with the building itself and its surroundings. Our company will help you create the balustrades you dream of.

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Our Board

Paulina Lachowska BIALY
Paulina Lachowska
company owner
Mateusz Lachowski BIALY
Mateusz Lachowski
company president
Lukasz Job BIALY
Łukasz Job
Commercial Director
Wiola Pazgan BIALY
Wioleta Pazgan
Administrative Director
Sylwia Niec BIALY
Sylwia Nieć

Dział handlowy

Katarzyna Ciesla BIALY 1
Katarzyna Cieśla
Damian Janus BIALY 1
Damian Janus
Marcin Krok BIALY 1
Marcin Krok
Izabela Worytko BIALY
Izabela Worytko
client supervisor
Rapdach handlowiec Wiktoria
Wiktoria Zelek

Dział projektowy

Julia Lachowska Michalewska BIALY
Julia Lachowska-Michalewska
Head of the Design Department
Robert Tomaszkiewicz BIALY
Robert Tomaszkiewicz
Technical manager / head of assemblers
Sylwester Tobiasz BIALY
Sylwester Tobiasz
Sebastian Ludwin BIALY
Sebastian Ludwin
Lukasz Maslanka BIALY
Łukasz Maślanka

Dział logistyki

Piotr Michalewski BIALY
Piotr Michalewski
Logistics Manager
Krzysztof Pekala BIALY
Krzysztof Pękała
Grzegorz MX BIALY
Grzegorz Migacz

Dział kreatywny

Tadeusz Kwoka BIALY
Tadeusz Kwoka
IT Team leader
Klaudia Sowinska BIALY
Klaudia Sowińska
Social Media Manager

Rapdach Sp. Z O.O
Ptaszkowa 957
33-333 Ptaszkowa
Tel: +48 888 444 517