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Folding doors – Panorama

The door system is made on the basis of a special frame made of thermal insulation material, which ensures high thermal and sound insulation.
The door system is equipped with an additional seal between the door leaves, which prevents water and dirt from entering the corridor. The door can be equipped with two types of threshold systems: a system with a flat threshold with a brush seal and a tight threshold made on the basis of the entire frame around the perimeter of the entire terrace window.

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Application of folding doors – Panorama
Folding doors are doors that open outwards or inwards. They can be used for many different applications, such as conservatories and balconies.
The Panorama system offers structures that open inwards or outwards in a very large sash configuration (2+1, 3+2, 3+3), integrated fittings: a hinge with a bottom roller, a hinge with a hook and low handles improve the functionality of the structure. At the same time, they reduce the overall dimensions of the complex construction of folding doors. The visually minimized width of the profile used in the system makes the structure of the folding door look light.

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The Panorama system is available in a variant with increased thermal insulation (thanks to the use of additional thermal inserts on the perimeter and between the door leaf spacers and door frames); available options: Panorama, Panorama i+.

The Panorama folding door system allows you to create an aesthetic and functional building that is convenient for users, and at the same time allows you to use the space in the building very effectively!


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product specification

DValuminum/polyamide74.5 mm74.5 mm16-50 mm< 100 kgfolding doors
DV i+aluminum/polyamide74.5 mm74.5 mm16-50 mm< 100 kgfolding doors
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