Up to 21.38 tons less CO2
100% Cleaner air
With photovoltaics you will save up to 80%

Photovoltaics in Poland is gaining popularity, and people who have a photovoltaic installation contribute to changing the world and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. An interesting fact is that people who have their own photovoltaic installations are called PROSUMERS. The word was created from the combination of ‘consumer’ and ‘producer’, because the owners of solar panels can not only use renewable energy, but also produce it.

What is photovoltaics:

This system is based on the photoelectric effect, which converts solar radiation into electricity. The produced direct current must be converted to alternating current, then it can be used to power devices or heat rooms.
Solar panels are the main component of a photovoltaic system. They are mounted on the roofs of buildings or on the ground from the south. Installation of photovoltaic panels is a big investment, but in the long term, very profitable. First of all, electricity bills are lower. Our investment should pay off in 10-13 years, and thanks to numerous programs subsidizing the purchase of a photovoltaic system, we can count on a return after 6-7 years.

Glass balustrades are elements appearing in almost every architectural design. Their chic and elegance perfectly blends in with both modern and traditional style of construction. Most often, they are a barrier protecting users of a certain space from falling out. RAPDACH external balustrades have one more very useful feature – they generate electricity.

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In order to meet the trend of electromobility, RAPDACH offers parking shelters adapted to the needs of powering electric cars, plug-in hybrids, and all electric mobility such as scooters, bicycles or electric scooters.

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A smart home, equipped with modern management systems, deserves an intelligent, ecological source of electricity.
Photovoltaic terrace roofing is a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. In addition to protection against weather conditions such as solar radiation, rain or snow, the roof integrated with solar modules generates environmentally friendly green energy and allows you to reduce household electricity bills. Such terrace construction is an alternative for people who, for aesthetic reasons or due to the limited space of the plot, do not want to install a ground-based photovoltaic installation.

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