Glass Stairs


Glass stairs

Such stairs may seem fragile and unstable, but modern production technologies and appropriate construction have made glass stairs durable and long-lived. Their impressive appearance makes them more and more often hosted in our homes.

Despite the heavy weight, the glass stairs seem visually light. They add spaciousness to the rooms and do not block the access of daylight. Contrary to appearances, they are durable and completely safe – if we manage to destroy them, the glass panes shatter into non-sharp shards that do not hurt, and thanks to lamination with PVB foil, the glass panes stay in place.

The construction of glass stairs

If you are looking for a way to make your space look more open and airy, glass stairs are the perfect solution.

We mount them on a special metal structure made of stainless steel. Construction elements can be matte, then the metal is brushed. They can be shiny, in which case it is polished. You can also choose powder-coated stainless steel. The color of the paint depends on the project or your own preferences. Glass steps can also be based on wooden mounting elements that create any number of flights. A metal or wooden structure can be attached directly to the wall and then reduce the space occupied by the stairs to a minimum.


Such a solution is called cantilever stairs, which are very fashionable at the moment! In order for glass steps to be able to carry significant loads, it is necessary to support them linearly or pointwise. For this purpose, elastomer washers are most often used. Glass stairs are made of tempered glass – there is a myth that they are dangerous. In fact, glass stairs are stronger than wooden ones. We also invite you to check our glass balustrades.

Safe glass stairs

A glass staircase can be the perfect addition to any home, especially if you want to create a space that is both luxurious and safe. We know you want your home to be functional, but we also want it to be beautiful! With a glass staircase, you can achieve both of these things at once, and it will even help keep you safe.

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The edges of the glass steps are beveled and milled for safety reasons, and the upper surface is grooved so that it is not slippery. Anti-slip properties of glass steps are also obtained in another way – by making anti-slip patterns in the steps of the stairs. They are applied by screen printing or by sandblasting. The repeating geometric pattern applied to the glass panes improves safety when using them and increases the aesthetic value of the entire structure.

Glass stairs are not only aesthetics

We have no doubt that glass stairs are a new “must have”. Not only are they a great way to add something to your space, they’re also ergonomic and go well with any decor style.

That’s because they’re made of a steel frame, so you don’t have to worry about them being too heavy or bulky. You can also customize them however you like, whether you want winding, straight, spiral or shelf stairs. Or maybe something more unique? No problem!!! Our designers will help you realize your vision of this type of stairs, whatever it may be!

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