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The shower cabin is the basic element of every bathroom. It is often chosen as an alternative to a traditional bathtub, especially in small rooms where optimal use of space is crucial. When choosing a shower enclosure, you should pay attention to several key elements that affect its functionality, aesthetics and safety.

Elements of the shower cabin

Paddling pool – This is the basis of the shower. It can be made of various materials, such as acrylic, enameled steel or natural stone. Shower trays come in various shapes and sizes, and their height can be low, half-high or high. The height of the paddling pool affects safety – a low paddling pool is safer, but requires appropriate floor insulation.

Doors and walls – They are usually made of tempered glass, which is safe and resistant to damage. They can be found in various designs and with different types of opening – from sliding to folding or opening.

Shower system – This is an element that determines the comfort of using the shower. It can consist of a traditional shower head, a rain shower set or a shower panel.

Armature – These are the elements that control the flow of water, such as shower faucets or thermostats

Types of shower cabins

Shower cabin with a paddling pool – The most popular type of cabin, easy to install and available in many sizes and shapes.

Shower cabin without a tray – An option for people looking for a minimalist and modern design. Requires proper floor insulation and precise installation.

Shower cabin with hydromassage – Equipped with systems that massage water jets, often with additional functions such as chromotherapy or radio.

Steam cabin – A shower cabin that also functions as a steam sauna.

rapdach obrazek kabina prysznicowa
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Shower doors and walls

The doors and walls of the shower cabin are crucial for its functionality and aesthetics. Most often they are made of tempered glass, which is durable, scratch-resistant and safe in the event of breakage (it breaks into small, out-of-focus pieces).

Types of shower doors

Sliding doors – They use a sliding mechanism that saves space as it does not require additional space to open. Perfect for small bathrooms.

Folding doors (folding) – They fold inside the shower cabin, which saves space.

Sliding doors – They require more space to open, but provide easy access to the interior of the cabin.

Pivot door (revolving) – These doors open outwards like traditional doors, but rotate around an axis without extending completely outside the cab

Elements of the door and walls of the shower cabin

Glass – The most important element that determines the appearance and safety of the cabin. It can be transparent, matte, decorated with patterns or colored. Tempered glass is the most common due to its durability and safety.

Profile  – These are the metal pieces that hold the glass in place. They can be made of various materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel or chrome. Profiles are not only a structural element, but also a stylistic one – they are available in various colors and finishes.

Gaskets  – They ensure the tightness of the cabin, preventing water leakage beyond its outline. Gaskets are typically made of a flexible, water-resistant material such as silicone.

Hinges and rollers – They are necessary for the proper functioning of the door. Hinges allow the door to open and close, while rollers are used in sliding doors, allowing the door to slide easily and smoothly.

Handles – They allow you to open and close the door. Door handles can come in a variety of materials and styles to match the overall look of your bathroom. They must be solid and durable because they are one of the most frequently used elements of the shower cabin

rapdach obrazek kabina prysznicowa
rapdach obrazek kabina prysznicowa

Safety of the shower cabin

Safety is a key aspect to consider when choosing and using a shower enclosure. It covers both the construction of the cabin itself and its proper use. Here are some of the most important security factors to consider:

Tempered glass: Most shower enclosures use tempered glass, which is much stronger than regular glass. In case of damage, the tempered glass breaks into small, blunt fragments instead of creating sharp shards, which significantly increases the safety of users.
Non-slip surfaces : The shower cabin should be equipped with a paddling pool with a non-slip surface. You can also add a non-slip mat to minimize the risk of slipping and falling while using the shower.
Proper sealing: To avoid leaks that can lead to slipping outside the shower, ensure that the doors and walls of the shower are properly sealed.
Solid construction: Solid construction and stable mounting of the shower cabin are crucial for safety. The cabin should be installed by an experienced professional who will ensure that all elements are properly fixed and stable.
Safe door : Shower doors should be equipped with secure hinges or sliding systems that will ensure that the door does not slam shut or open unexpectedly when using the shower.
Safe fittings: Fittings, just like shower faucets, should be safe to use. For example, a thermostatic shower mixer maintains a constant water temperature, which prevents the risk of burns.
Correct lighting: A well-lit shower is safer to use. In the case of cabins with hydromassage or steam sauna, it is worth investing in safe, waterproof lighting systems.
Barriers for people with mobility limitations:

In the case of the elderly or people with mobility limitations, the shower cabin should be equipped with appropriate handles and barriers that will facilitate the use of the shower and increase safety.

Remember that regular cleaning and maintenance of the shower cabin also affect its safety. Removing deposits and scale from the surface of the glass, shower tray and fittings helps to keep the shower enclosure in good condition and prevents the formation of slippery surfaces.

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