On Grid Installation - Photovoltaics with Storage​

Advantages and disadvantages of On Grid photovoltaics.

This solution has advantages and disadvantages. In the case of On Grid installations, however, you can count on many advantages that bring significant benefits. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of On Grid photovoltaics.

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Advantages of such an installation:

One of the main advantages is that the installation brings significant savings. We are talking here about minimizing the consumption of electricity from the grid. Due to the fact that the On Grid photovoltaic installation produces a lot of energy during sunny days, you can completely forget about electricity bills in your home. Often during holidays, when the day is very long and the sun is intense, residents with On Grid photovoltaic installations are not able to use all the energy that was generated by photovoltaic panels. Then the excess energy goes to the grid, and you will receive a return in the form of a reduction in the bill for electricity consumption in individual billing.

Another advantage worth noting is the simplicity of the On Grid photovoltaic installation. This installation has an On Grid Inverter and easy construction. You can be sure that the operation of such a system will be trouble-free for a long time. The simple design of the installation will also allow you to properly maintain the entire installation.

Finally, it is worth noting that many people choose this variant of photovoltaics. It is much cheaper than an Off Grid photovoltaic installation. In the case of an On Grid photovoltaic installation, you do not have to worry about equipping the entire installation with special batteries. You do not have to store electricity not used during the whole day in this installation.

One of the main disadvantages, What is worth paying attention to when creating On Grid photovoltaics is the latitude and longitude in which we are located. During a shortage of wind or insolation, it will be difficult to obtain the right amount of electricity to fully satisfy the electricity demand in your home. It turns out that often during cloudy days, as well as snowstorms or rainfall, the generated energy is reduced by up to 80%. Then you have to use the power provided by the power grid.
When a smart power grid is connected to your home, you can also take into account that power generation to the distribution network may be limited. In this way, you will not gain much from the accumulated energy.
Finally, it is worth noting that by choosing an On Grid photovoltaic installation, you will not be able to generate electricity during any power failure. Although the system will be operational for safety reasons, it will disconnect and stop producing electricity. Any interruption of the supply of energy from the electricity grid will make it impossible for you to use the energy generated by photovoltaics.

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How does an On Grid photovoltaic installation work?

On Grid photovoltaic installation works on a similar principle as Off Grid. However, in this case, the generated electricity can be used by the owner of the facility or can be fed into the power grid. The principle of operation of On Grid photovoltaics is very simple. Electricity is generated in photovoltaic panels. The energy then goes to the inverter. There it will be changed from direct current to alternating current. It is he who is necessary to power the electrical devices that you have in your apartment. In this case, remember that in an On Grid installation, the PV should be connected to the external power grid. This solution will allow you to discharge excess electricity to a supplier in your area. This solution will translate into the fact that you will get a discount for electricity used from the network throughout the year. The power plant replaces the old meter with a two-way meter free of charge. It shows how much electricity was fed into the power grid and how much was taken from the grid.

Before you start creating your photovoltaic installation, it is worth getting acquainted with the prices offered by various companies dealing with the creation of photovoltaic installations. Our company Solgro works only on proven products and offers the best photovoltaic panels of the German brand Soluxtec. The prices we offer for our services are not excessive. Most importantly, by choosing renewable energy sources, you can count on subsidies, thanks to which you will be able to save a lot. Subsidies for renewable energy sources can be obtained from many places, including European Union funds. So it’s worth checking how much an On Grid photovoltaic installation costs, because you can gain a lot from it.

By choosing On Grid photovoltaic sets made by our company, you can count on co-financing. It will cover part of the costs associated with the entire installation. Still, it should be remembered that such an installation pays for itself in a short time. It remains trouble-free for up to 25 years. As you can see, such an installation will pay for itself in no time. Thanks to this, you will be able to enjoy free energy in your home for many years to come.

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On Grid photovoltaic installation and the ecosystem.

Many people claim that photovoltaic installations do not affect the air quality in our surroundings. However, it should be remembered that most of the electricity is produced from the combustion of hard coal. It is the main source of electricity in Poland. Of course, in recent years, more and more photovoltaic farms are being built that generate energy from the sun. In addition, there are single hydropower plants as well as wind farms. However, this is a small percentage, unlike coal-fired power plants. Each person who decides to create a photovoltaic system in their home will contribute to the reduction of pollution related to the burning of hard coal. Renewable energy sources are the future of each of us, so it is worth investing in such solutions now. Being ECO is becoming an important element of every country.

We invite everyone willing to cooperate. In the Contact tab you will find information on how you can contact all our representatives in various cities in Poland. Bet on an On Grid photovoltaic installation, thanks to which you will be able to gain a lot.