Hybrid installation

How does a hybrid photovoltaic installation work?

Many people wonder how a hybrid photovoltaic installation works. It turns out that its operation is a great solution for people who want to be independent. When the weather conditions are unfavorable, you will be able to draw electricity from the power grid. When the weather is favorable, the batteries connected to the hybrid installation will store energy, which they will continue to use to run the necessary devices in your home.

How is it that this installation is gaining more and more interest? Its mode of operation is designed so that you can use your own energy produced in photovoltaic panels as often as possible. In this case, every day electricity will be used in the house to power all necessary electrical appliances. Excess energy will be stored in special batteries, which will be located near the inverter. The remaining unused part will be transferred to the power grid. This way of operation of the installation will allow you to be independent, even when the weather conditions are unfavorable. In addition, it will be a lifesaver for you when the electricity from the power grid is temporarily stopped. It is quite different when you have an On Grid installation. When the power grid stops supplying energy due to some fault, you cannot use the energy produced by photovoltaics.

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When you have an Off Grid installation again, during unfavorable weather, you can count on the fact that the energy stored in the batteries may run out over time.

As you can see, a hybrid photovoltaic installation can be an interesting solution for everyone. It allows you to make the most of the potential of photovoltaic panels.

Advantages of a hybrid installation

One of the main advantages of a hybrid photovoltaic installation is, among others, independence from the electricity supplier. This word takes on a completely new meaning when the power supply from the power grid is interrupted. In the case of On Grid installations, photovoltaic panels, despite the fact that the weather is beautiful, do not produce electricity. This is related to the protection of the installation against failure. In the case of a hybrid installation, when there is no electricity, the energy is taken from special batteries, photovoltaic batteries, so you do not have to worry about electrical devices in your home.
Another thing worth noting is that the hybrid installation has the ability to optimize the amount of use of energy generated by photovoltaic cells. Utilization can be limited to 50% or even 80%.
Then it is worth noting that such an installation can reduce the consumption of energy from the power grid, which will reduce the electricity bills you receive every month.
Also note that with a hybrid photovoltaic installation, you will not have to worry about the increase in electricity prices. Such an installation will pay for itself in a short time, and for the next dozen or so years it will serve you by producing free energy for your home.
Finally, interesting information for you may be the fact that photovoltaics can be partly paid for from European Union funds, because EU subsidies are aimed at people who want to take care of the ecosystem.

Disadvantages of a hybrid photovoltaic installation.

One of the main disadvantages when creating a hybrid photovoltaic installation is the price. This type of installation installation will allow you to save a lot in the future, but at the very beginning you have to take into account the high costs of installing such an installation. However, you can get subsidies from the European Union for photovoltaics, thanks to which you will save a lot. You will have to submit the documentation to the Commune Office or City Hall. This time, the inhabitants of the city of Tychy could take advantage of subsidies for renewable energy sources, which were up to PLN 5,000. If you are interested in such a subsidy, please contact our representatives. We operate in many Polish cities, because our company Solgro creates photovoltaics throughout the country. Our consultants will help you complete all the formalities related to the installation of photovoltaics.

Next, it should be noted that this installation works best when the temperature of the modules does not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. When the device is placed in full sun, the temperature reached by photovoltaic modules can increase by up to 55 degrees Celsius in the summer. Then there may be a decrease in the efficiency of the installation, which can result in losses of up to several dozen percent in obtaining electricity from the sun.

As you can see, this installation brings more advantages than disadvantages, so if you are determined to create such a photovoltaic installation in your home, it is worth considering creating a hybrid installation, the price of which depends on the power of the installation you need.

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