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Solar balustrades RAPTOR

Complete glass balustrade with photovoltaic cells installed on balconies or terraces. It is ideal for people or companies who value free electricity from the sun and ecology. It is designed for anyone already having photovoltaics in their homes or businesses, as well as individuals or businesses planning such a solution. The RAPTOR model will look modern. and at the same time will decorate our investment in a minimalist way, complementing our energy requirements. As a balustrade, the balustrade meets all required standards

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Photovoltaic glass balustrades are made entirely of glass, perfectly accentuate modern arrangements and will allow us to use the extra space on our buildings for ecological purposes.

We have a team of skilled professionals who will create a design and visualisations to suit your needs and preferences.

Solar balustrades - kit composition:

  • Photovoltaic panel in the following dimensions: 0.72×1 m, 1.05×1 m, 1.37×1 m, 1.69×1 m;

  • U-shaped aluminium batten mounted to the ground in a specific length (72, 105, 137, 169 cm)

  • Set of gaskets and wedges of specific length;
    Concrete screw M10x80 (1 every 20cm);
    Drainage block (1 every 20 cm);

  • Handrail applied to glass with tunnels for cables;
    Handrail fixing material set

  • Selectable colour of trim

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