Glass canopies

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Canopy over door

Such a canopy is designed to protect us from adverse weather conditions and allow us to conveniently fold or unfold our umbrella while walking to the car with dry feet. It also allows us to take the keys to our house out of our rucksack or handbag with peace of mind and protect the door from rain, snow and hail. As a manufacturer, we oversee the entire production process, from design to manufacture to installation. Guided by our experience, we will select the best type of roofing for your building, which will be both safe and durable. And thus allow you to enjoy a comfortable and convenient weatherproof entrance to your house or multi-family building.


Canopies are an essential part of any entrance. They protect against the elements and add some style to the facade of the house.
Canopies of various materials can be installed over doors. Nowadays, the most commonly designed and installed canopies are modern tempered glass canopies, which look very aesthetically pleasing. Regardless of the location and size of the canopy, it must be properly installed so that it can withstand adverse weather conditions. A glass panel is one of the most popular types of canopy to protect an entrance, and can be mounted on tendons or brackets. Glass canopies give the impression of lightness, do not overwhelm the entire structure and allow full access to sunlight. This solution fits perfectly with modern solids and minimalist designs. On the surface, glass appears to be a very fragile and delicate material. However, by subjecting it to an appropriate technological process, toughening, it becomes an extremely durable, safe and damage-resistant material. VSG laminated glass is able to withstand the onslaught of violent storms, gusty winds, heavy downpours and even hailstorms that occur in our climate zone.

A glass canopy can be used not only above the entrance to a building. A canopy made of tempered glass is also perfect as a partial roof for a terrace or additional protection for a balcony. Properly chosen, matched to the facade, and made of the highest quality materials, glass canopies will safely serve their purpose for a long time. The installation method, appropriate material selection, and technical solutions used in canopies installed above entrance doors and other locations are important. During the project implementation, all forces acting on such a structure should be taken into account, and all parameters should be adjusted to ensure a durable installation.

The most common problems during installation include:

  • Improper material selection
  • Incorrectly installed mounting brackets
  • Lack of proper planning during the installation of a glass canopy above the entrance.
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Glass Roofing

The material used for glass canopies is glass itself. It doesn’t matter what style you choose for your building, whether modern or classic, glass canopies will always look good. This material is durable and weather-resistant, so it will serve you well for many years.

The main advantage of glass canopies is that they allow natural light to penetrate the interior of the building while providing protection against rain or snow. Additionally, such a structure has an elegant appearance that adds beauty to any space.

Glass Canopy Above the Door

Entrance doors, regardless of whether they lead to our private house, office, or any other facility, should have a canopy. Providing protection to even the smallest area in front of the entrance makes it easier for us to use it, directs water away, and shields against snowfall. A properly chosen canopy is not only a functional addition but also an architectural element that embellishes the entire facade. It is crucial to have canopies installed professionally and made from the highest quality materials. Only proper preparation and construction ensure long-lasting and trouble-free use of the entrance door canopy.

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