Stainless steel balustrades with vertical infill

Vertical barriers

Stainless steel balustrades with vertical infill – this is one of the most popular, most frequently chosen models. The lightweight balustrade and, at the same time, sturdy construction looks great in both modern and classic surroundings. The anti-corrosive weather-resistant steel makes it suitable for use as a balcony or terrace balustrade. Our stainless steel balustrades with vertical bars are particularly recommended for areas where children are present, as they are the safest for them. Thanks to their design, they prevent children from climbing on them and thus reduce the possibility of falling from a height.

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Vertical tube barrier

INOX steel balustrades with vertical tubes can be used as internal and external balustrades. The arrangement of the bars makes them appear shorter than they actually are and often this type of infill arrangement is used in longer length balustrades. The balustrade can be top or side mounted depending on the site specification.


Barrier vertical posts

The infill in this model of balustrade is made up of vertical posts, also called rods or small diameter tubes, embedded in two horizontal tubes. Using system connectors, everything is attached to the vertical posts. This infill in stainless steel balustrades is also a reference to classic wooden balustrades, in which the infill between the posts was vertical balusters. Irrespective of the solutions applied, each balustrade installed in our house, terrace or balcony should match its surroundings and taste as closely as possible. The RAPDACH company offers, a wide range of handrails of the best quality, which can be fixed in any steel balustrade system. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the entire offer of our company.


Balustrade on square posts

Square posts are an alternative to their round variety. They are created from stainless steel, ensuring durability and usability for many years. They are characterised by their unique design, elegance, scratch resistance and high weather resistance. The balustrade on square posts blends in perfectly with glass or wooden elements. Thanks to their shape, our posts are perfectly suited to modern and elegant rooms. Regardless of which balustrade posts you choose, it is important to consider how they will be mounted. Depending on where they will be mounted, you will need to select models with the appropriate mounting screw holes.

Barrier on round posts

The open post balustrade is an ideal option for modern interiors that require stylish solutions. This model will look original and at the same time minimalist decorating the interior of the house, staircase, mezzanine or balcony. We also install the balustrade on posts outside and in office buildings and blocks of flats. A great advantage of this product is the possibility of any dimensional configuration and the choice from a wide range of RAL colours. We are able to powder-coat each element to create a unique balustrade.

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