It is a special type of roofing that can compete with awnings or gazebos. This system has two front supports and side guides that form an arch.

Thanks to its design and unconventional appearance, it enjoys immense popularity, and the demand for it is constantly growing. Our Pergolas are renowned for their highest quality in the market. The profiles are made of aluminum, powder-coated in any color from the RAL palette. We use only the highest quality components, making them much more resistant to various weather conditions than awnings. The Pergolas we offer have a water drainage system, allowing them to be used on rainy days. Our shades can be equipped with electric control, making it easy and quick to unfold the roofing even on your own. Control can be done through a smartphone, remote control, or by connecting the structure to a “smart home”.

Because the construction modules can be combined, our structures offer the possibility of creating an unlimited shaded area.

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There are three types of pergolas:

• Free-standing, adjacent to the wall – it is based on four pillars closely adjacent to the facade of the building.

• Perimeter – on one side it is attached to the building with chemical anchors, while the other side is supported on two supports

• Free-standing – It is supported on four pillars,

Pergola poles are attached to previously made foundation feet with a cross-section of 40×40 cm or to the existing terrace slab. The number of load-bearing poles of the terrace roofing can be more than four in the case of large pergolas


Photovoltaic pergolas

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