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Meeting the trend of electromobility, RAPDACH offers parking shelters adapted to the needs of powering electric cars, plug-in hybrids, and all kinds of electric mobility, such as scooters, bicycles or electric scooters.

Carport, i.e. photovoltaic roofing of parking spaces is a functional and aesthetic solution designed for city car parks, car and bicycle sheds, parking places for scooters and electric scooters. It is a product that can be adapted to roofing projects for single parking spaces as well as multi-bay car parks. The use of solar energy to power the car or other electrical devices in the building will save on electricity costs, while taking care of the natural environment.

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The structure of the roof is made in the sealed option (Sun Energy, Prestige), protecting cars against sunlight and precipitation.
The combination of modules with the No-Frost function eliminates the need to remove snow from the roofing, protects against the possibility of icicles being a threat to people and the risk of damaging the vehicle, as well as enables the production of electricity in the winter months (in periods when standard photovoltaic solutions lose their efficiency due to snow).

Carport Prestige

CARPORT PRESTIGE is a photovoltaic parking roof that combines aesthetics with functionality. Precise workmanship will guarantee the safety of users. CARPORT PRESTIGE not only provides protection against the elements, but above all produces environmentally friendly green energy. It is ideal for commercial and residential applications: garages, car dealerships, warehouses and other buildings where vehicles can be parked or goods stored under a secure roof.

Carport Prestige ML System kopia
Carport SunEnergy ML System

Carport SunEnergy

CARPORT SUN ENERGY is an ergonomic aluminum construction with glass photovoltaic modules that ensures transparency, and precise workmanship guarantees the safety of users. The CARPORT SUN ENERGY provides protection from the elements.

Carport Frame

The CARPORT solar roof is a functional and inexpensive solution for your home. The solid, raw construction of the roof is part of modern minimalism, and the photovoltaic modules used are an alternative or supplement to standard roof or ground structures.

Carport Frame ML System kopia
Carport Basic ML System

Carport Basic

Our offer includes Carport Basic – a durable, functional and aesthetic solution that protects the car against harmful weather conditions and also functions as a photovoltaic carport. This compromise between ground installation and carport is dedicated to people looking for an economical solution. The main elements of the structure are made of stainless steel, ensuring high quality and trouble-free use for many years.


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