Photovoltaics for the home

Photovoltaics for a single-family house.

Currently, electricity prices are constantly going up. From year to year, the price for 1kW increases, and users have no influence on it. Throughout the year, the cost of using electricity supplied from the grid is significant for every householder. Therefore, it is worth considering the creation of photovoltaics for a single-family house. You will be able to get electricity from a renewable energy source, which is solar energy. By choosing photovoltaic panels for your home, you can be sure that soon the cost of the entire installation will pay off, and you will be an independent electricity supplier for your home. Check what photovoltaic installations you can install in your apartment and what funding you can get by installing Soluxtec panels on your farm.

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Which photovoltaic installation for a single-family house?

Many people wonder which photovoltaic installation to choose for their home. On the Internet you can find a lot of opinions of people who have decided on a given installation model. However, when creating your own home, it is worth knowing that this is an individual topic to be discussed with a specialist. To create the installation, it is necessary to provide the contractor with the area of ​​​​the house and information about the electrical devices you have in your equipment. Our Rapdach employees will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information regarding the creation of photovoltaic installations. If you want to use energy from renewable sources, learn about all the advantages and disadvantages of individual installations. Check how much you can save on an example photovoltaic installation.

On Grid installation.

The On Grid installation is connected to the power grid. Special wiring is used to connect the installation to the network. AC cables travel from the inverter to the low-voltage switchgear. AC cables travel from the inverter to the low-voltage switchgear. This type of installation can be made when the switchgear is able to receive all the energy generated from the photovoltaic installation. The electricity that was produced by the photovoltaic installation first powers the whole house and all the devices you use on a daily basis. Then, the excess energy generated is sent to the power grid. When the weather outside is unfavorable and our photovoltaic installation is not able to power all home appliances, the electricity previously transferred to the power grid can be collected and used in your home. However, it should be remembered that each 1 kWh given to the power grid will be collected only in the amount of 0.8 kWh. If it is still insufficient to power the electrical devices in our home, the difference is compensated by the power grid. It is therefore an ideal solution for people who still want to be connected to the power grid. It is worth noting, however, that in the event of a power grid failure, the photovoltaic installation will be turned off for safety. The main advantage of this installation is the possible low price, in contrast to Off Grid installations.

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Off Grid instalation. 

The Off Grid photovoltaic installation is an ideal idea for powering a summer house or a single-family house located away from the power grid. In this case, when you are unable to use the generated energy, the surplus of electricity generated by the photovoltaic installation is stored in batteries. The main advantage of this system is complete independence from the power grid. This installation is ideal also in places where the power grid often fails. Unfortunately, the cost of such an installation is much higher than in the case of an On Grid installation.
The price of such photovoltaics for the home is particularly related to batteries, the cost of which ranges from several hundred to several thousand zlotys. Each of these systems should be properly designed. Batteries should store enough power to meet 100% of the energy consumption to power the devices you use at home. Connecting an unscheduled device may disrupt the operation of the installation. It can even damage the photovoltaic system.
So what is worth choosing?
Taking into account the fact that you can now apply for funding for photovoltaic panels, it is worth considering choosing an On Grid installation, if of course it is possible. For this, it is necessary to have installations from energy suppliers near your home. However, when you want to change something in your home, you don’t have to worry about unwanted failures.

Hybrid Installation

Many people wonder how a hybrid photovoltaic installation works. It turns out that its operation is a great solution for people who want to be independent. When the weather conditions are unfavorable, you will be able to draw electricity from the power grid. When the weather is favorable, the batteries connected to the hybrid installation will store energy, which they will continue to use to run the necessary devices in your home.

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