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Glass balustrade

Glass balustrades are characterised by their lightness, elegance and strength. It is a mistake to think of glass as a fragile material. A correctly installed balustrade will be highly resistant to damage, and the process of toughening and bonding the glass will ensure that balustrades are safe and that in the event of damage, the glass sheet will not shatter, but will remain in place without exposing us to danger.

As well as being safe, balustrades need to match the style of the house. Thanks to our individual approach to the customer, we are able to create any balustrade that complies with the building law and its standards. A glass balustrade adds lightness to a room, opens up the entire space and optically enlarges it. It does not cause shadows and perfectly harmonises with modern interior design, and appropriately selected details will highlight the character of the balustrade.


Glass balustrades must be securely installed for safety reasons. The type of fixings chosen depends on the customer’s preference. Our company offers various point fixings and several different methods of embedding glass balustrades. For mounting, we can use rotulas, which are screws screwed into the side of the staircase or into the floor of the terrace or balcony. These give a very modern character and can easily be adapted to any type of construction. With brackets, glass is installed on balustrades, mezzanines, stairs and terraces to create a modern finish. A wide range allows you to choose the best design.

A further method of installation can be to set the glass sheet on an aluminium profile, which we can hide by recessing it into the floor, giving the effect of a glass sheet coming straight out of the floor. This type of design is usually used in modern interiors and buildings. In addition, aluminium, unlike metal, does not corrode, so it requires virtually no maintenance. Another solid and safe installation method is the posts. If we fix them from the top of the balcony or terrace, then the balustrade will run flush with the line of the entire structure. We can also attach them to the sides, they will enlarge the usable space of the balcony, or widen the light of the staircase. All elements can be powder coated in any RAL colour, giving our customers the opportunity to personalise each balustrade.

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Glass balustrade and staircase

Glass balustrade and stairs Polish law specifies that ESG or VSG glass should be chosen for the glass balustrade, this will increase the strength and safety of the structure. It is also important to bear in mind the height of the balustrade, which should be at least 90 cm from the walking surface in the case of single-family buildings, and already 110 cm in public buildings such as shopping malls, schools or offices. Depending on the customer’s preference, we can offer several types of fixings as well as the colour of the glass and its transparency. Such treatments will make the balustrade unique and inimitable. For non-obvious rooms, offices, restaurants or hotels, we can use broken safety glass, which will add a touch of extravagance. Glass will blend into almost any style and will harmonise with many materials. Transparent glass will illuminate and enlarge a room by letting the sun’s rays through. Glass balustrades are made to measure, so they can even be installed in hard-to-reach places.

Glass balustrades for internal staircases

This is a modern solution that companies, developers and individual customers are increasingly opting for. That is why they could not be missing from our offer. Glass balustrades are often taken to be dangerous, especially if there are small children in the house. Nothing could be further from the truth. A glass panel is a uniform surface, without balusters or clearances, which seems to be safer for contact even with small children. In addition, safety glass, tempered and laminated, with an additional safety film placed inside the sheet, is used in such realisations. Such balustrades, despite being made of glass and appearing light and fragile, are extremely strong. It is always a construction that meets certain requirements and parameters to guarantee safety. If you want to maintain the attractive appearance of your balustrade, we recommend regular cleaning and maintenance. It is worth using our dedicated spray for cleaning and maintenance of glass balustrades for this purpose.

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Exterior glass balustrades

Outdoor glass balustrading is just as popular as the use of glass and steel in interiors. Balconies, terraces and the façades of modern blocks of flats are given a new face by these modern materials. A building with glass balustrades appears lighter and more delicate. Surrounded by transparent glass panes, a terrace or balcony appears larger and better connected to its surroundings. Glass balustrades do not overshadow and allow optimum daylighting of the terrace, balcony and house interior. In addition, they are weather-resistant materials so are perfectly suited for outdoor use.


Modern stainless steel balustrades not only surround terraces and outdoor stairs, but also make extremely impressive balcony balustrades. Thanks to their transparency, they make the balcony area blend seamlessly with the views outside. They do not restrict the balcony space and allow natural light to be fully utilised. This is one of the best ways to finish so-called French balconies, where a sheet of glass provides adequate security while creating a spacious and bright space.

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