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They are primarily used for fall protection, but why not combine functionality with beauty? Glass and stainless steel balustrades are increasingly popular materials in the commercial sector. They have a wide range of applications and can be installed on staircases, mezzanines, corridors, stairs and pool fences.


What at first glance is meant to keep us safe, actually complements our interior or balcony. With different materials and types of construction, railings can be individually designed and add character to the overall look of your home.

Glass balustrades - an eye-catcher

The balustrade made of glass looks light and elegant. It lets more light into the room, making the space around the staircase appear larger. All-glass balustrades become almost invisible and can also be installed without handrails. Handrails made of wood or stainless steel are the perfect complement to the glass stair railing.


Modern, rustic, elegant or solid – wood radiates warmth like no other material. It sets natural accents and creates a welcoming atmosphere. The pleasant touch, as well as stability and durability, also speak in favour of a balustrade made of wood. In combination with stainless steel or glass, balustrades with a remarkable appearance are created.
Steel balustrades-stylish elegance, If you want something even more modern, you can opt for stainless steel. Unlike wood, steel is a cool material that looks particularly modern and elegant when combined with glass, but individuality has no limits because steel can be bent to suit your needs. The high-quality material has served us for years and can be designed in different variations.

Glass balustrades

Glass balustrades are characterised by their lightness, elegance and strength. It is a mistake to think of glass as a fragile material. A correctly installed balustrade will be highly resistant to damage, and the process of toughening and bonding the glass will make it safe and in the event of damage, the glass sheet will not shatter, but will remain in place without exposing us to danger.

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Stainless steel balustrades

If you are looking for railings that will last for years, it is worth opting for stainless steel railings. INOX railings can be installed inside and outside a building. The name itself indicates that they are resistant to corrosion, and thanks to their high chromium content they are very durable. Appropriate production technologies ensure that the steel maintains its original appearance over the years. Steel balustrades can be powder-coated, and we can choose its texture or shape. Such protection of stairs, balconies or mezzanine floors can be easily installed by yourself, based on the instructions we provide on our website. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the steel and glass railings offered by our company.

Glass balustrades are elements that appear in almost every architectural project. Their chic and elegance blends wonderfully into both modern and traditional building styles. More often than not, they provide a barrier to protect users of a certain space from falling out. RAPDACH external barriers have another very useful feature – they generate electricity.

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