Flush-mounted French windows “ZET” system

Flush-mounted French window

If you are building a house, you probably want your balcony to have an amazing French window. This is where the Z-brackets come in handy.
The Z-bracket system has been designed specifically for the flush-mounting of Portefenetr railing brackets. This means that it is perfect for French windows.
The brackets are available in three typical dimensions, adapted to the thickness of the insulation. Thanks to this, they can be firmly and securely attached to the wall, while maintaining high aesthetic values.
You may be wondering: why would I want to mount brackets directly to the wall? Well, because this solution gives you a beautiful business card both from the inside and the outside. It lets light into your room and also prevents it from falling out! A glass balustrade can be a real decoration, and at the same time will be a fantastic culmination of the entire planned facade of your house.

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French balcony ZET system

French windows are a great addition to any modern home or business. It’s a stylish yet practical way to let light in without compromising on security. The “Z” system handles are used for mounting the portefonetre in the window recess. They are characterized by mounting directly to the wall, before thermal insulation. This solution allows for solid and secure mounting of the brackets to the wall while maintaining high aesthetic values.

“Z” brackets are produced in three typical dimensions, adapted to the thickness of the insulation:

Z10 adapted to insulation with a thickness of 10 cm,
Z15 adapted to insulation with a thickness of 15 cm,
Z20 is adapted to insulation with a thickness of 20 cm.

They are made of high-quality materials. They will work in any building, regardless of whether it is an office building, a hotel or a single-family house.

Wallet – RAPDACH

Following the latest solutions, we manufacture our products in the “3Z” system, thanks to which we are able to meet the expectations of the most demanding users of our products.
Z1 – from a certain type of steel.

• Galvanized black steel – covered with a durable, highly resistant to weather and chemical coating that protects the steel for many years and does not require additional maintenance. It is intended for customers who care about a special surface finish with an additional varnish coating, the color of which, selected from the wide RAL palette, will meet the most demanding expectations.

• AISI 304 stainless steel – currently the most popular and very fashionable metal, used to finish elements such as balustrades or stairs in the most modern interiors. It is an iron alloy with a low carbon content, containing approximately 10.5% chromium and additives that contribute to increasing corrosion resistance, strength and the negative impact of weather conditions. This type of steel is characterized by very high aesthetic values ​​and does not require additional paint coatings.
•AISI 316 Stainless Steel – If you need something that is even more resistant to harsh environments such as salt water or exposure to chlorine, then this steel is probably what you need. It has similar properties and aesthetic qualities as stainless steel, but with increased resistance to aggressive agents such as sulfur and exposure to salt water – so it is worth using it wherever these factors are particularly high (areas near the sea or swimming pool).

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Flush-mounted French window system Z2 and Z3

Z2 – with a specific paint coating

We enable our customers to choose the appropriate paint coating from a wide range of RAL colors. Thanks to this, our products perfectly match the existing finishing elements, creating a coherent visual whole with them.

Z3 – with a specific finish

When choosing the right type of steel for your project, you should consider not only the type of steel, but also its finish. Stainless and acid-resistant steel has two finishes to choose from: polished or satin (brushed). The choice depends on many factors, including individual visual considerations. Polished steel has an eye-pleasing coating that reflects the sun’s rays and works well in dusty rooms. Brushed steel is less susceptible to dirt and scratches, and any damage is less visible than in the case of polished steel.

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